Monday, October 25, 2010


There is a time for everything. There is an age for everything. It is only when we really know and comprehend that we possess a limited time on earth. We have no way of knowing when our time is up. We'll begin to reside every day to the fullest, as if it was the just one we had.

If I could be one year old, I will be happy. Everything is new and interesting. I   use my five senses to definitely discover the world around me. I experiment simple words combination. I   take joy in nursery rhymes and books with single pictures of familiar and related items. I discover my innovative abilities. I could react with my whole body to rhythm, beat and melody.

If I could be eighteen years old, I will be happier. I start to realize that my parents could be my best friends. They could help me more by being a good sounding board for them rather than making their decisions. My attention concentrates on education for the future. I am able to realize my effectiveness and use them to a potential career. I become independent adult. This freedom does not imply there cannot be close family relationships, but this relationship should be dependent on shared respect. I believe I can do well because I have self confidence and a sense of pride and competence. tive abilities. I could react with my whole body to rhythm, beat and melody.

If I could be forty years old, I will be happiest. It is one of the crucial mental, psychological, physical and emotional milestones in a person’s life. It is when we assess who we are and what we are going to do. I can sit back and appreciate the benefits of all the efforts I did in my 20’s and 30’s. I could begin discussing about “Botox” because physically that’s the true issue. The big 4-0 can be the beginning of satisfaction, self-reliance and emotional maturity. 

Regardless of age, I think there is definitely a challenge for everyone. There must always be an awareness of every issue. Because life is a cycle and age is a part of it.
Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am beautiful!

I am beautiful no matter what they say...

I am smart...

I am incredibly happy person... 

I am lucky...

I am full of self confidence...

I am talented... 

I am competent...

I am a great person to know...

As you affirm, you'll alter your core belief of your self. You'll turn out to be that individual that you simply affirm or dream to turn out to be. Your self esteem and self-confidence will skyrocket. You'll be a brand new and self assured individual. The sky will be the restrict. So begin your affirmations these days.

Church Manners

A cathedral is really a location for adoration and carries the highest mark of regard. In worshiping, we go to cathedral and spend Him regard. As we enter the home of God, we ought to regard His sanctuary the identical way we regard our houses.

Most individuals don't understand that you will find measures they do that disrespects the Home of God. Therefore, they ignore the solemnity from the location. Right here are easy manners, which clearly continues to be forgotten, but nonetheless ought to be apply whenever getting into His home.

Be punctual

Deal with it as if you are in college. Waking up couple of hours prior to college begins simply to take time to put together and journey to college is just the identical as to heading to cathedral or every other meeting, gathering or occasion. If you aren't on time, you'll miss the primary period and get left behind within the lessons, just like heading to cathedral. You'd not have the ability to begin the ceremony.

Dress Code

Dress codes rely on religion. For some, they're needed to put on particular attire like skirts and blouses, but other people possess the liberty to decide on what to put on supplied they're not as well showy and it's in accordance towards the accepted requirements of decency. Cathedral attire would be the greatest clothes for cathedral go to. Nevertheless, if you don't personal any, you are able to usually put on something that's suited for that event.

Attire ought to be modest. No tank tops (or attire with only straps in the shoulders), no brief skirts (mini-skirts), and no skin-tight attire. Attire ought to have backs and shouldn't be low-cut within the front. Shorts of any kind are inappropriate.

If you're nonetheless uncertain in the event you put on decently, Cathedral attire are cautious and conservative and at the identical time, you receive into an person fashion format whilst in cathedral.


 Frequently, we overlook the guidelines and rules governing right or civil conduct in society generally or inside a particular social group or scenario. At cathedral, for example, we make measures which are not suitable. These are some examples of what not to complete while within the church:

  • Consuming within the cathedral
  • Leaving prior to the mass ends
  • Heading in and out
  • Speaking throughout mass
Friday, October 22, 2010

How you can Handle Your Time All through The Day.

For a lot of individuals, time administration could be a tough job. With all the complexities of their active lives, juggling all the tasks can take its toll on an individual. So for anybody getting time administration issues, right here really are a couple of suggestions to assist organize your time much better.

When making a routine for the to-do checklist, it is greatest to operate on tough duties when you're most alert throughout the day. If you are a early morning individual, then operate around the most difficult duties within the early morning. If you are a evening individual, operate on these at evening.

For instance, you may wish to routine a date together with your spouse or the household within the night, whilst a meeting having a buddy throughout the day. On this method, you're in a position to maintain a sense of stability among the individuals that matter inside your existence.

Do not procrastinate. As soon as you have planned a routine for that day, follow it as a lot as feasible. When it is time to shift towards the subsequent job, achieve this. Do not linger on perfecting a prior job. Perfection may sound like a great concept when actually, perfection and procrastination are enemies of time management.

The suggestions over are easy. However, efficient. Hopefully, these can assist you lead a more balanced and less demanding existence.

How you can Produce A Loving Household - Ideas For Constructing A Pleased Family

Individuals say that cash can't purchase joy that is accurate simply because I've noticed as well several wealthy individuals who do not have a cheerful household. Nevertheless, we should also confess that cash is essential; if we're poor and also have no cash in any respect, it is not possible for us and our household to become pleased. Nicely, a minimum of cash can facilitate a lot of the issues we require in existence.

Wholesome and pleased household is one of many most basic worth that we want in existence. You are able to be the richest guy within the globe; but when you do not have well being and joy, what's the stage for getting all of the wealth? Associations that we reveal within the household also permit us to create the morals and fundamental values that we carry all through our lives.

Listed here are some ideas I wish to reveal with you that you could use to create a wholesome and pleased household:

1. Discover how you can regard each other. Regard ought to be the spine of a wholesome and pleased household. Discover to regard all of your household customers. Yes, regard should be earned; but when you would like to earn regard from other people, you need to attempt to regard other people initial! Regard is just the procedure of putting a household worth within the other individuals who make up your loved ones customers.

2. Stick close to with your loved ones throughout each great and poor time. Household customers who play collectively will most likely to remain collectively throughout great occasions in addition to poor occasions. Discover to appreciate every other businesses and uncover every other characters, likes, dislikes, dreams, and so on. This can assist strengthen your loved ones bond. Households ought to strive to make sure that they make time to invest with every other each as being a group and with every other on a one-to-one foundation.

three. Create Believe in within your households. This really is probably the most essential element that will probably maintain your households collectively as being a group. Believe in can also be a compulsory requirement for all fulfilling and pleased associations. Regardless of whether it's within your private existence, social existence, or expert existence; believe in plays a main function in making a wholesome and pleased atmosphere. If you've regard for a person and invest sufficient time with them to understand their requirements and wishes, a mutual believe in grows effortlessly. Open communications and associations will movement effortlessly if there's Believe in!

four. Discover to provide in addition to acquire. Effective households know and comprehend the significance from the "two way street" that ought to exist inside the household framework. When each and every member of the family understands this, you'll all appreciate operating and enjoying collectively. Each and every member of the family ought to know and comprehend their function and operate to provide and acquire on an equal foundation.

In the event you adhere to the abovementioned ideas, you're in your way to possess a powerful and pleased household. If you're feeling that you're presently possess a discord and sad household, you are able to begin to physical exercise the abovementioned ideas and see the great outcomes. It's by no means as well late for you personally to begin rectifying the issues in your loved ones and begin afresh to construct a cheerful household.

Youngster Care And Parenthood!

is one from the most essential jobs you'll actually have. These ten easy typical sense recommendations will assist you increase assured children and resilient teenagers. They would be the wisest suggestions actually commended to mother and father:

1. Do as you say you'll. Kids know exactly where they stand whenever you are constant. Adhere to via and imply what you say.

2. Anticipate kids to assist at house but do not anticipate them to complete so graciously on a regular basis. Right here is really a query you require inquire your self every now and then: What do your kids do that another person relies on?

3. Keep in mind, encouragement and praise will get kids a great deal additional than criticism and punishment. So, be your kid's greatest encourager fairly than his fiercest critic. Encouragement assists a youngster hyperlink his or her self-esteem towards the procedure, fairly than the outcomes of what they do.

4. Deal with kids and youthful individuals as you would like them to become. In the event you want accountable, capable kids then deal with them as if they're accountable. The greatest method to create duty is to provide it to kids.

5. Realize that kids and youthful individuals only see 1 aspect of any concern. Take every thing they say having a big grain of salt. It is not that kids and youthful individuals lie, but they have already been recognized to exaggerate or see details only from their very own viewpoint.

6. Display adore and affection for your kids. Say "I Adore You" to every of one's kids a minimum of as soon as each day. Understanding they're cherished will be the foundation of self really worth, no matter their age.

7. Catch kids and youthful individuals behaving nicely. Spend consideration for your children's constructive conduct much more than their damaging conduct. That which you concentrate on expands. In other words, "You Expertise That which you Anticipate!" So, in the event you concentrate on constructive conduct, that's that which you usually get. Give descriptive feedback to ensure that your kids know what they did nicely. For instance, "That was fantastic the way in which you two labored out the TV-watching issue with out arguing. You each compromised just a little, that is intelligent."

8. Create independence in kids in the earliest feasible age. By no means frequently do for any youngster the issues she or he can do for him or herself. Keep in mind, your task is to create your self redundant.

9. Set boundaries and limits for kids, and anticipate that they'll push in opposition to them. Kids and youthful individuals require boundaries and limits - these boundaries make them really feel safe.

10. Maintain a sense of humor when coping with kids. This may assist you maintain issues in viewpoint. It might appear improbable some days, but they'll quickly develop up and be out of one's hair and be a residing, breathing reflection of YOU.

Lastly, be a great model for your kids. Display, relatively than inform, kids and youthful individuals the way you want them to talk, behave and reside. Kids understand what they reside, and as mother and father, your actions usually converse louder than your words.
Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Midterm Examination

     It's February 1, 2010, Monday. A day for Midterm Examination in our school, STI College-Genera Santos. It will last up to February 3, 2010, Wednesday. Three days for stressful studying of my students.Facing the easy and difficult subjects. But for us teachers, its like a relaxing days. We will only have our proctoring. But sad to say, I was assigned by eight (8) sections.hmmmmm... Unlike my other co-teachers, they have four to six sections only. But why that happens? Let's ask our Dean, Sir Marlon.ha...ha...ha... But anyway there is a saying that You Stop Complaining but instead you must acknowledge and be thankful. Absolutely the sayings is right. I must think of the positive side and not the negative one. By merely proctoring a lot of sections, it gives me time to mingle and chitchat my old students whom I really miss... I hope all my students will passed I really tried

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