Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Midterm Examination

     It's February 1, 2010, Monday. A day for Midterm Examination in our school, STI College-Genera Santos. It will last up to February 3, 2010, Wednesday. Three days for stressful studying of my students.Facing the easy and difficult subjects. But for us teachers, its like a relaxing days. We will only have our proctoring. But sad to say, I was assigned by eight (8) sections.hmmmmm... Unlike my other co-teachers, they have four to six sections only. But why that happens? Let's ask our Dean, Sir Marlon.ha...ha...ha... But anyway there is a saying that You Stop Complaining but instead you must acknowledge and be thankful. Absolutely the sayings is right. I must think of the positive side and not the negative one. By merely proctoring a lot of sections, it gives me time to mingle and chitchat my old students whom I really miss... I hope all my students will passed I really tried

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