Sunday, January 31, 2010

To my supportive Husband

First of all, a husband is not a boyfriend. Rather consider boyfriends to be husband larvae. As in a second-grade science experiment, you never quite know how things will evolve. (Still, even if your current beau doesn't blossom into Mr. Forever, you'll learn important lessons and fine-tune what you really do want.) It's hard to define a husband, but you'll know when you find him. You'll start thinking in the future tense and actually mean it. Department store "home sales" will be the thing of your dreams. I love you Bryan...
Saturday, January 30, 2010


When we think of a mother, what kind of a picture we get in our mind? A compassionate lady who will sacrifice all her comforts and will work ceaselessly in the home without expecting any monetary reward, only to take care of her children. Is this correct? Motherhood means sacrifice and pain from day one of conception. But this pain and sacrifice brings forward a beautiful feeling in a woman after she finds that her children are happy and healthy. That is the only reward she desires from her children. And that is motherhood.

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